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How Indoor Positioning Systems Can Make Your Social Life Interesting?

How Indoor Positioning Systems Can Make Your Social Life Interesting?

You’re in a shopping mall. Your childhood friend who you haven’t seen in a while is also there. But since the two of you don’t know about each other’s presence in the same place, you never catch up.

Later, you see their Facebook update and realize that you were in the same place and sigh, thinking how you could’ve easily met.

How about an app that, in addition to helping you figure your way through a complex building, also tells you if the people you know are in it too? What if there’s an app that tracks your movements in real time and in any location, indoors as well as outdoors?

Indoor Positioning System has a wide range of features that we are all aware of. It helps us to navigate and find our way inside buildings, notifies us of offers and sale going on in the shops, helps in marketing, etc.

But one of the lesser known applications of indoor positioning systems is that it can help make the social life of people much more interesting, if tied up with social media.

Indoor Positioning Systems could open a whole new range of features. These are usually applications based on ‘real life analytics’. These apps can tell you how many steps you have taken or how many stairs you have climbed to reach your destination. It can also calculate the amount of calories you have burnt in the process.

The most exciting feature is that Indoor Positioning System can notify you if there is a person nearby who has the same interests as yours. If there’s a person within a particular radius who is interested in playing Tennis right now and so are you, you would know. You can find people who are interested in the same comics as yours or who is currently heading to a similar travel destination as you. This can help you plan short trips with strangers in your long journey. It cannot get more exciting than this, can it?

Indoor mapping systems from tech giants like Jibestream can also tell you exactly how many women or men are at the bar you are heading to. You can choose your nightclub accordingly. This is a major benefit for all those social animals, who on reaching a particular pub, realize that the crowd there is just not their type.

Parents need not worry about their little children wandering off in malls or big complexes anymore and getting lost. Indoor Navigation helps to keep track of the child’s location and can also be enabled to notify the parent if the child happens to wander beyond a particular distance.

Also, if you’re heading into Starbucks, your phone could notify you if there is a coffee shop nearby which is cheaper. You can check the reviews and decide where to hangout.

Though these applications seem to be really cool and useful, the downside is that you have to provide a lot of personal data all the time. If you are concerned about your safety and are worried if predators will know your whereabouts, there is always an option to turn off your location information. These applications can revolutionize social networking, making life much more interesting.

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