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How to Become a Security Guard in Canada

How to Become a Security Guard in Canada

In life the path toward career is something that impacts each of us differently; some of us wish to work with out hands, others like to use their minds, and some yearn to simply do one thing: protect. Whether it’s going into a formal military operation, or the possibilities inside of possible security operations there is that shared responsibility: to protect.


Each area has different requirements of what it takes to become involved in this field. In this particular article we are going to be discussing how to become a security guard in the great area of Canada.


As of 2005 the Private Security and Investigative Services Act regulate Canada to enforce certain requirements in order to become a security guard. The following are requirements of this regulation:

Basic Eligibility

For basic eligibility the first thing that is evaluated is living status. Proof has to be given to show that the individual applying is a full-time resident, or a valid work visa. The age requirement can range from 18-19 depending on the location of residence.


Additionally, active members of police service that grant peace officer status will disqualify eligibility for a security guard license.

Basic Training

Basic training is composed of a variety of tasks that an individual must complete before being eligible to apply for as security license. In the event the individual is trying to go into private investigation there are additional courses that need to be taken and completed.


In some cases companies will train their employees in-house, but this is not common.

Classroom Knowledge

Upon the completion of basic training the next step is what is referred to as “classroom knowledge,” or knowledge requiring thought. Many times this kind of test is addressing a variety of things such as:

  • Reporting procedure
  • General health and safety
  • Procedure of writing a report
  • Knowledge of the Canadian legal system
  • First Aid

And several other categories that have direct impact on the job they are hoping to acquire from the training. The completion of this portion insures that they are not only physically capable, but mentally aware of all important factors involved with the job.

Actual Application

Upon the completion of all of the above training the result is the eligibility to apply for a security license. The proper course of action is to apply for a security guard license with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and they should do so in the specific province that they would like to work for.


With the application the individual must provide a photograph that is clear and considered “passport-quality,” their training completion number, photocopies of two valid identifications, and a completed form of guarantor information.


At the approval of the application process the individual then becomes certified and able to work in the security field in the area of Canada. It’s hard work, but it’s this thorough evaluation process that sorts out the right people for the job and leads to great outcomes. More resources can be found at the Silvertrac website.

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