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Force Touch on the iPhone 7 could change the way you launch apps

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The GASR forum (Graphic Arts Services and Requests) is the largest art forum on forumotion. It began as a substitute for the imvu art forum and has since become a thriving community of its own. Today, the GASR forum is open to anyone to join.

Trendy Tips To Style Your Retail Store

The best salesperson for your store is your store itself. Your retail space should be designed to invite and compel your customers to make purchases from your store. From the mightiest displays to the tiniest fixtures, all contribute significantly in the making or breaking of your business. Here are some trendy tips to keep in mind while styling your store:   1. Keep Your Target Customer In Mind  Styling your store according to the psychology and behavior of the customer will indeed be the first step. They should be presented with their own lifestyle before their eyes. The display should be designed uniquely such that they can picture the same setting in their own homes. People want to see and buy a thing they can picture themselves with and that is when you present them with things t...

Tips to Look Great in Nurse Scrubs

Many professions have the complimentary requirement of a dress code and while this may not be something that bothers all of us, it’s definitely something that some people don’t like. We all like to dress in a way that makes us feel good and some places make this “feeling” something hard to accomplish due to what they expect you to dress like for the needs of a job.   This is especially true in the nursing field, whether you are male or female.   Well, good news, nurse scrubs may not be the ideal choice of clothing for a day, but they can easily be made into a pitch of style and an inflation of confidence. Take the following into account to make wearing scrubs a little more reassuring and make the day that much better: Consider Your Body Type Whether you are a larger or smaller pe...

Reasons Why You Should Visit India Once In Your Lifetime

Have you ever been to India? It’s magical! The breathtaking beauty and the incomparable ambience keeps you mesmerized as long as you stay on the Indian soil. Although some people would’ve definitely warned you regarding the chaos-filled streets, India is no doubt a land of beauty where you can discover your own true self. Here are 9 reasons why you just can’t miss on a magical trip to incredible India: 1. The people And Their Hospitality: The first thing you will notice after landing on the Indian soil is the people and their behavior towards you. While you will be expecting endless creepy staring sessions, you will be rewarded with a ‘Namaste’ followed by a soothing smile which will make your travel fatigue completely go away. The enthusiastic people on the streets will give you a boost o...

Custom Made Reusable Shopping Bag. How Awesome is That?

Business without social commitment is like eating a meal without aroma. It has become a small world since the concept of LPG came into existence, that is, liberalization, privatization and globalization have come into the picture. People have been so engrossed in all this that the concern for the existence of life has been lost. But the time has come when we really need to ponder over this matter. One of the important discussions in such brainstorming has been the use of plastic bags. In order to preserve mother earth, the concept of reusable bags has been brought into play. These bags are eco-friendly. These bags can serve as an alternative and be utilized by people to repay the debt of nature. Moreover, itis capable of covering the entire market as each and every item requires a carry ba...

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