Do I really need disability insurance?

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    My father was appalled when I told him I didn’t have disability insurance from my employer, and that I never considered getting one on my own.

    I work in an office, and I commute for work each day, but I don’t feel like I’m in any danger of becoming disabled. By father was trying to scare me by telling me my life would be ruined if ever I became disabled, and that I really needed disability insurance.

    The truth is I don’t feel like I need this insurance. Do you think someone who works in an office needs disability insurance? Is it really worth it?

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    Not being insured means you are taking a risk, and that goes for any type of insurance. If ever you become disabled and unable to go to work because of an accident or an illness, you won’t be earning any money if you are not insured. If you have disability insurance, you will receive benefits which will help you cover your medical expenses and your daily expenses as well. Ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk of not having disability insurance.

    You can ask a few different companies for quotes if you would like to have a better idea of how much it would cost you. The cost of disability insurance is not the same for anyone, and it depends on your age, your gender, your medical history, the type of work you are doing, and the amount you would like to be covered for, of course.


    I think everyone should have disability insurance. You never know what could happen, and a disability could be the result of an illness, not just the result of a work accident.

    Many people hesitate because they think disability insurance is too expensive, but instead of asking yourself if you can afford disability insurance, you should ask yourself if you could afford not being able to go to work because of a disability. If you don’t think you could afford it, then yes, you should get disability insurance.


    If you’re working in an office and your employer is not providing disability insurance to his employees, then I guess that means you don’t really need it. You could get private insurance if you really wanted to, but I doubt it would really be worth it.


    I had disability insurance when I got injured at work. I was unabe to go to work for 7 months after that because I had severe pain in my back and legs, and at first my insurance company refused to pay. I was angry, and desperate, but finally I had the help of Mr. Mark Yazdani who helped me get the money I deserved.

    So my answer is yes, disability insurance is worth it because anything could happen to you and you never know when you might be unable to go to work, but, it can be difficult to get the compensation you need if you get disabled, so keep in mind that you could need the help of a disability lawyer.


    I don’t think you absolutely need to get disability insurance. Maybe just having health insurance would be enough, since you’re working in an office, there are not a lot of risks you could get injured at work, and if you got sick, well you could still be able to go to work.


    I think your father is right in saying your life could become very difficult if ever you got disabled and didn’t have insurance. So getting disability insurance could help you keep your peace of mind.

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