How do florists keep their flowers fresh for long periods of time?

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    This is something I’ve always been wondering… Whenever a flower enters my home, it seems to begin to fade and die the very next day. So how do florists keep their flowers fresh for long periods of time before they reach their customers? Do they have a magic trick for that?

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    It’s not exactly magic, but they have tricks to keep their flowers fresh, yes! My cousin works for King West Flowers so she told me a few of these tricks…

    First, they always have refrigerated coolers, because they know fresh flowers stay fresh longer when they are refrigerated. Many flower delivery companies have refrigerated vans as well.

    Florists also make sure to replace the water of their flowers as often as possible. It can be done every single day to guarantee the flowers will look as beautiful and radiant as possible! In addition to giving fresh water to their flowers, they will also keep their scissors and other tools clean to avoid spreading bacteria which can damage flowers.

    Finally, some products can also be used to keep flowers fresh. There are preservative sprays, and some powders or liquids that can be added to the water, and act like food for flowers.


    I think it’s mostly a matter of making sure they don’t keep their flowers too long in their shop. What I mean by that is that they will always try to sell older flowers first, because if they always sell the freshest ones, the older ones will start to fade…

    Also, they probably don’t order too many flowers, so they are not left with huge quantities of fresh flowers that no one is buying. They must have a good idea of how many bouquets they will sell each week, so they can order just the right amount of flowers.


    Cutting the stems of fresh flowers helps keep them fresh longer. The stem must be cut at a sharp angle, so it becomes easier for the flower to drink the water it needs.

    Florists do this, but you can also do this at home with a pair of scissors. Cut the stems of your flowers before placing them in water, and before each water change, and they should stay fresh and beautiful!


    It depends on the florist, but I think most use some sort of flower food. They add nutrients to the water so the flower will stay healthy for a longer period of time. I think you can buy this product in florist shops.


    I’m not sure how florists do, but when someone gives me a flower bouquet, I cut one inch off the stems and place them in lukewarm water immediately. I make sure the leaves of the flowers are not touching the water, because that can make them rot and die faster. If I see a leaf that touches the water, I cut it out.

    When I have a very gorgeous bouquet, I use a trick my grandma gave me: I add one part clear soda to three parts of water, with a few drops of bleach. The sugar in the soda feeds the flowers, and the bleach kills bacteria that can harm them. It really helps the flowers stay fresh longer, but you have to add this mixture again each time you change the water.


    They keep their flowers in refrigerators, but even if that helps, it can’t keep flowers alive forever so they have to try to sell them as quickly as possible while they look fresh.

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