How do I clean wood floors?

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    I have hardwood floors in my place. Over the years, it has lost a bit of its gorgeous look. Can anyone share some tips on caring for it and also cleaning it? Perhaps something that can make it look good like it did before? I am thinking of replacing it, but it is a last resort, should I do so.

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    Try not to get the floors wet as much as possible. By this, I mean something like rain. If you have windows open when it is raining, the water can fall on your floors. The worst thing is when you are at work. Over time, this will damage the floor.

    Be careful when watering plants. Make sure water does not drip. Make sure to catch it so that your floor is protected. When you spill anything, wipe it off immediately.

    I am also not keen on the idea of mopping the floors. However, if you do, mop it once in a while. Sweeping should be good enough.


    Try using mats or rugs for high traffic areas. Over time, walking over the same place many times a day will wear down the look of any wood floor.


    Be careful with the rugs or mats though. Some of these have a vinyl or rubber backing. These are capable of spoiling the finish of the floors. Humidity can be trapped and it can damage the floor.


    If you happen to sit in a place for an extended period of time, then make sure you are wearing slippers. If not, place a rug below your feet. Sweat from your feet will damage the floor and it will begin to look old.

    Some people work from home. Even if you do not, whenever you sit at the computer, you are there for a long time. Eventually, this will visibly show on the floor. Don’t sit there in your bare feet for a long time.


    Protect your floor from constant sunlight. While it is nice to let the sun come in and brighten the place, this can fade the finish. Eventually, you will see the difference when compared to another part of the room.


    You can draw the curtains, especially when you are not there. If you are there, I suppose it is nice to brighten up the place. Just try your best to keep the floor protected as best you can.


    For chairs, you can place felt pads. Let’s face it, when you get up or sit down, you will drag the chair forward or backward. Pads will offer greater protection.

    If you are considering new flooring, I would like to throw in a name for the suggestion box. You should contact Relative Space. Love them!


    Use a broom with soft bristles when sweeping. Better yet, use a microfiber broom. If you are going to mop, do not make the mop really wet. Instead, just dampen it.


    If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed. Try not to walk with shoes or worse, high heels, on the floor. For furniture that stays in one spot, use some kind of protective measures. For example, place a rug under the coffee table.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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