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    I’ve heard many things about DNA tests, and I think I’d like to take a test to learn more about my ancestry… But I know those tests aren’t free, so I’m wondering if it would be worth it.

    For those who have taken DNA tests before, do you feel like it was worth it? Were you satisfied with your results? Did it make you feel like it really had value to you?

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    I would say it all depends on what you expect from your DNA test. You say you’re interested in learning more about your ancestry, and there are DNA tests for this purpose. But if you want your DNA test to confirm your race, you will probably be disappointed because those tests are mostly used to give you a better idea of where your genes came from. They don’t tell you about your specific race.

    As for me, I took a DNA test from CRI Genetics some time ago. As a result, I received an Ancestry + Health report, that told me about my ancestry, plus specific details about my health. I found the ancestry information very interesting, and my health report inspired me to make some positive changes in my lifestyle. So for me, yes, taking this DNA test was worth my money and worth my time.


    I took one and I thought it was fun at first, but in the end the report didn’t mean much to me and I felt confused… I would not recommend it… too expensive for what it was…


    I’m passionate about geography and history, so to take a test that told me more about where my ancestors came from… for me, it was fascinating!

    So if you’re passionate about these things too, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of value in your DNA test report! If not, then I guess you’ll be disappointed, and maybe you should just do something else with your money!


    I want to take a DNA test soon, because I think it will be very interesting.

    My parents were never able to tell me much about our ancestors, all I know is some of them were scandinavian, but the others, my parents are not too sure.

    So I want to take a test to learn more about my family history. I’m sure knowing this won’t change my life, but I think it will be worth it, and I’ll be glad I took a DNA test to learn it.


    It didn’t mean much to me when I took a test, but if you feel like you’ll find it interesting, just do it. I’m sure you’ll learn many things you didn’t know.


    Of course it’s worth it! We all want to feel like we belong somewhere, right? Well taking an ancestry DNA test will tell you all about where your ancestors came from, which countries, which parts of the world! It’s amazing!

    I think it’s fascinating that scientists are able to know all these things, just by looking at our DNA… something so small that we can’t see it with our eyes, yet it contains so much information about us and the people who came before us!

    There’s also DNA tests that can tell you about your health, like if there is a history of some diseases in your family, I think… I wouldn’t take a test like that, though, because I’m sure it would scare me, I’d be afraid of getting those diseases that some of my ancestors had!


    I think it’s worth it. It’s not that expensive, and it can teach you a lot of interesting things, so why not do it?

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