Is a PSW (Personal Support Worker) a free service?

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    Does my mother have to pay for a personal support worker? I want to look into this because she moved to a retirement home. Recently, she mentioned having some difficulty doing certain things. I was considering getting her some help. However, this depends on whether there is a cost involved. If it is too expensive, then I will have to think of something else.

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    I think this depends on how old she is and how well she is. I believe this service can be both, meaning, it can be free but you could also pay for it. There may also be an option where a part of it is covered while you pay a certain amount. You can contact someone like the CCAC. I know of a few people in my building that have such workers. They do things like laundry, take them for walks, bathe them, dress them, feed them and all kinds of little tasks that can help.


    A PSW can come by several times a week or even every day. You will need to arrange this with the CCAC. It can be for half an hour, an hour or more, depending on what is needed. So, for example, on a day where there is laundry or shopping, you can arrange for a longer period. I am very sure that there is no payment involved, assuming you qualify for this service. By the way, I do not live in a retirement home. It is an ordinary apartment building.


    Why don’t you contact someone in this industry, like Midland Gardens Seniors Apartments? They probably know better and can give you the best advice. I do believe there is no cost for these services if you qualify. I guess some of these services come under health care, so should you be covered, there probably won’t be a charge.


    Call the Local Health Integration Network and find out. They can tell you more. They may come for a visit and speak with you and your mother. You will probably get a case manager or care coordinator. Anytime you require something or have some issues, you can call them. Otherwise, once it is arranged, it will pretty much go like clockwork. If you qualify for government-funding, then I assume there is no payment. Just make sure to tell your case manager about what the needs or requirements are. I think if you do not qualify, you can also appeal this decision.


    I think there is a free service and a paid service. The good thing about a PSW is that one is assigned to you. That means you will always have the same person coming to see you. They can also provide companionship. They will eventually get familiar with your needs and things will become easier and smoother. While they are there, they can monitor you as well, if need be. I believe they take down notes and enter things so there is a record. Once in a while, this is reviewed and the case worker may pop by occasionally to see how everything is going.

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