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    I’ve had dead end jobs and went back to school. I want to be successful after a rather mediocre start. Do you think I will have a successful career after studying about big data?

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    Absolutely! Congrats on going back to school. This is a good field to get into. Work hard and I guarantee you will be successful. I would say that this is a fast-growing field and you will be in demand. I believe the earning potential is very good. You won’t end up with dead end jobs, I assure you!

    Everything today, more than ever before, is about information. You collect this information so that businesses, big and small, can use it to make better decisions. Better decisions bring about success. Better decisions will also mean increasing efficiency, especially when it comes to the running of the day-to-day tasks. This leads to a company’s growth. You will play a big part in this. You will have an important position in any business you join.


    Companies are always coming up with marketing plans. These plans are made after analyzing information collected.

    Any business will have to understand the needs of their customers. This is what separates those who take the initiative to collect proper information and use it. This will help to bring about accurate interaction with customers. Part of the secret is to anticipate the needs of your customers. If the customer’s needs are met, the customer has a good experience. They are happy, which can result in retention and recommendation. That’s powerful.


    I took a big data course at SEEC and it really paid off. You learn so much from the teachers there. You can be a leader responsible for charting the course of an organization. You learn about predictive analytics. You will be able to leverage data to gain better results. Not all companies know how to do this.

    If you can, you will be able to walk into any company once you gain some experience. You will be taught the necessary skills that businesses are looking for. So, yes, you will have a successful career. You are making a good choice.


    You will be an important member of a team, helping them make decisions to take the business to higher levels. Big data analysis allows you to understand the trends in market conditions.

    What a customer buys, or is looking for, will help the business to offer the right products. If a business can do this (not all can), then this will give you an edge over the chasing pack, right? It’s all about staying ahead of your competitors. You can only offer relevant products when you collect all kinds of data from them and analyze this info.


    You will have to learn Hadoop which helps to store and manage big data applications. This helps with advanced analytics. It is pretty flexible when it comes to collecting, processing and data analysis. Big data and cloud computing are things that will serve you well always. There are other tools used as well, but Hadoop is probably the most widely used.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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