Is it possible to get dental implants in one day?

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    My dad has been wearing dentures for years, but he is now thinking of replacing them with dental implants. I’ve always heard that it took a few months for dental implants to heal properly before new teeth could be attached to them, but someone told my dad it was now possible to get a full arch of implants in just one day!

    It’s hard for me to believe that… What do you think about this, do you think it’s really possible?

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    Actually, it can be done, and this kind of treatment has existed for years but I think it will only become more and more popular now.

    I think it really does take a few months for the implants to heal, but that doesn’t mean the teeth can’t be used during this time. For a full arch, 4 or 6 implants can be inserted into the jaw, and these implants will be joined together for more stability. The arch of new teeth is then attached to these implants, so when the person eats and chews, the implants are kind of working together and I guess it’s not too painful, and only becomes better as the dental implants heal.

    But don’t just take my word for it, check out Chrysalis Canada’s website, they offer the teeth in a day procedure and for what I know, they have a great success rate.


    I think this procedure is not well-known, and that’s a shame… I guess many people would like to get dental implants, but they hesitate because they think they will have to wait for many months, with only metal implant roots sticking out of their gums, before they can finally receive their new permanent teeth!


    Yes, it should be possible. A lot of people opt for dentures (a popular alternative) because it seems easier, but dental implants are actually just as easy and not as painful as people think. The implants are better than dentures because they’re permanent teeth, so they’ll never slip out of your mouth, and you don’t need to take them out at night… Also, since they don’t cover the roof of your mouth, it’s easier to fully taste the food you eat.


    What a coincidence. My dad is getting dental implants too and I’ve been helping him do some research on this procedure.

    Like others have said, it’s possible to dental the procedure done in one day. I’ve heard that dental implants help preserve the strength of the bone jaws and muscles, which is something that dentures don’t do. In fact, people who wear dentures for years kind of lose bone density in their jaws, and if they want to switch to dental implants they might need a bone graft.

    Thankfully for my dad, I think he won’t need a bone graft. I told him it was possible to get implants in one day, and he’s real happy about it. He’s thinking about having it done next year. I hope the procedure goes smoothly for your father as well!


    I think your dad should keep it simple and get dentures instead. Dental implants just sound odd to me… Are they really better than just getting dentures? Getting implants sounds painful to me.

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