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    I hear people talking about their bikes and keep hearing the term ‘fixie’. What is a fixie bike anyway? A bike is a bike right?

    I want to get a bike now that the weather will start getting better (hopefully). I hope I don’t get the wrong thing!

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    The term fixie is just a way of saying ‘fixed gear’. Just to briefly explain what a fixie is, look at the back wheel. There’s a cog with a bunch of teeth in it. The chain is attached to this cog and rotates around it.

    In a fixie bike, the cog is actually fixed to the back wheel. Normally, there is a ball bearing system. This allows the wheel to spin free from the influence of the cog. In a fixed gear bike, or fixie, there isn’t a ball bearing system to allow this.

    Basically, when you pedal a fixie bike forward, it will move forward. If you pedal it backwards, it will move backwards. When you were a kid and pedaled backwards, the bike did not go backwards, right? The pedals made the chain go in reverse. The bike actually never went backwards.

    You can learn more about fixie bikes at the Regal Bicycles website. If you’re interested, you can even buy one from them online!


    Fixie bikes are bicycles with fewer parts, so it’s a simpler and lighter bike than most. It’s also easier to maintain since there are fewer parts. Normally, the more parts that a bicycle has, the more things could go wrong with it. If you’re a beginner or a casual cyclist, I’d definitely recommend getting a fixie bike for yourself.


    One thing I noticed about fixie bikes is that maneuverability is better. I can’t speak for others but it is just my observation.


    Fixie bikes are great! It’s almost as if the bike and I become one. You are very much part of the bike because the pedals and the wheel movement are directly tied.

    You can also stop the bike without using brakes. Personally, I think this is a little bit stupid and careless. In fact, I have seen people remove their brakes. Maybe they think it is just cool and gives their bike a sleek look. While it’s true that you can stop the bike by resisting on the pedals (or other methods), I think safety is number one.

    When you are riding a fixie with no brakes, I think it is a little irresponsible. Your safety and the safety of others must always come first. Again, that’s just me…


    If you want to ride a fixie bike, you should be somewhat fit and athletic, especially with your legs. The bike is an extension of you. Your legs are the power behind everything; moving and stopping. I would suggest to anyone to first get used to a fixie. It can take a while to get the hang of a fixie. Until you feel confident and master it, don’t go out on the main roads and ride in heavy traffic.

    It depends on you and how you ride it. Personally, I love them and I know a lot of people love it too. Fixie bikes have become really popular lately. I see people riding them all the time, especially downtown!

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