What is the best guard dog for security?

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    I would like to get a dog to keep my home secure and my family safe. What are some of the best dogs for this purpose?

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    You can’t really go wrong with the German Shepherd. They are large, intelligent dogs. They are used for many purposes. I’m sure you know the police use these dogs as well.

    They are beautiful and majestic and will be very protective. They will make excellent guard dogs, yet, they will be loyal and loving to you and your family. They are also good with kids. I would say that these dogs would be in the top five for something like this. They are intimidating. Criminals will think twice.


    Yeah, I like the German Shepherd too. On top of being fierce protectors, they make great pets as well.

    However, I don’t think you should rely on a dog to guard your house? It’s a lot of responsibility for one animal. Yes, get a dog absolutely, but you should also make sure your house is fully secure and protected. The best guard is a secure lock. Contact a locksmith like Bee Safe & Lock Inc and make sure your house is secure.


    I think there really is no particular dog breed that is “the” dog to have. However, there are definitely several breeds that are known for this. In fact certain breeds are used specifically for such purposes, but that does not mean other dogs can’t do the same thing.


    A Bullmastiff is a great guard dog. They can weigh over 100 pounds. They are intelligent and alert. I would suggest that you begin training and socializing early. They are also very intimidating and can look pretty unfriendly, yet they make sweet, loyal pets.


    I love my Doberman Pinschers. I’ve got two of them and they are fantastic at protecting the place and my family. They make wonderful friends as well. I could probably leave my gate open and go away for the day and they will take care of the place!

    But seriously, I think these guys needlessly got a bad rap. They can be very affectionate and docile. They need to be trained early. They need good exercise. Don’t leave them out too long in the winter though. They are also scared of thunderstorms, but I think a lot of dogs are, bless them.


    Consider getting a Belgian Malinois. In my opinion, this is probably the best dog to get for doing the kind of job you want. They have a lot of energy, they are hardworking and smart guys. They are also friendly yet protective.

    I used to work with one many years ago. I still think of her. She was an amazing dog. These guys are used in many K9 units in both the military and police. That should tell you something, right?

    Others have mentioned starting early and I agree. You need to train them for a lot of things at an early age. Just make sure if you do get one, they need a lot of exercise.

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