What things do I need to do before I move out?

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    I will be moving in the next few weeks. This is the first time I will move (as an adult). What are some of the things I need to take care of during this whole process? I’m sure I can guess at some things, but I don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

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    Moving is stressful. There always seems to be something else that needs to be done! I suggest you make a little list of the important things and then scratch them off one by one. Make sure you know the exact dates of everything. So, know when the move is, when you will move into the new place and things like that. Then, you can (and should) cancel the services you currently have. Otherwise, you will end up paying 2 bills!

    Things like gas, electricity, cable and Internet, telephone, water and even garbage. While informing them regarding cancellation, remember, you also need to set up some of the same things in your new place. Don’t forget newspapers. It is easy to forget this one. Be organized. Be aware of any contracts. If you are under Rogers, don’t change to Bell or you may be penalized!


    Make sure to find a reputable and experienced mover. You have the time, so I suggest you research first, in order to stay away from shady companies. The one I used was excellent, called Premiere Van Lines, so you could go with them. Just make sure to put in some effort if you do go with someone else. Don’t just hire someone just because they are cheaper than the rest. There could be a good reason for this.


    You have to inform several departments regarding a change of address. Let the post office know. In case you forgot to inform someone, your letters will be sent forward to your new place for several weeks. Some places you should definitely inform include insurance, doctors, health card, driver’s license, schools, banks, credit cards, employers and government offices such as income tax. Take care of the big things. If you forget about a magazine subscription, you can inform them later, since that is not really a big deal. You may recall some other places you need to inform. Take care of the essentials; the rest is normally a small issue.


    Moving gives you an opportunity to get rid of stuff. I think we are all guilty of having things we don’t really use. It is thrown into a corner and sits there for years. Moving forces you to go through everything. If there is something you don’t need, get rid of it. Don’t clutter your new place with it. Perhaps have a garage sale? Make some extra cash.


    Make sure you have good packaging supplies. Label everything for your convenience, especially later on. You can get good packing materials from the moving company. Labelling also helps the movers. Just keep an inventory of everything. If you have pets, arrange to take care of their needs too. Place your dog in a box and label the box “DOG”. I’m sorry, my bad! Make sure to place essential items like toiletries in a box so you can easily use it now or in the new place. No need to hunt later.

    Arrange for things on the other side too. Do you need to book an elevator? Keep phone numbers handy. Have all medications organized. Make it as stress-free as possible.

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