Where do I buy the best motorcycle boots?

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    I want to buy a good pair of motorcycle boots. I am not very experienced in this kind of thing. I am also not an experienced rider like you lot!

    Where could I get a decent pair and what kind of things should I be concentrating on?

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    What you get also depends on you. The type of boots, the price, the fit and things like comfort and safety that others have mentioned.

    If money is no object, then you can get great advice at the store and get the best ones for your situation. For a lot of us, we have to consider the price. Having said that, the best general advice on price is to get a good pair at whatever price range you can afford.

    Keep stability and durability in mind. You will be putting your foot down a lot. A rigid sole with excellent grip is a must, in my opinion.


    Look for boots with a tough, strong sole. This will give it a good grip. You need a good grip for shifting or braking. Your foot will be secure on the peg.

    While you want it to be comfortable, I agree, safety is far more important. That doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. If you are, you will be distracted. Take all the time you need to find a good blend of comfort and safety.


    You can go to GP Bikes for all your motorcycle gear. It is a great place for getting your stuff. I go there for my needs and I also have buddies who go there too. Friendly, knowledgeable people there. Just ask them anything.


    I honestly don’t think there is a one size fits all situation here. In fact, I know some guys who don’t even wear motorcycle boots and they have never had a problem.


    I am of the opinion that you should get a decent pair of riding boots. I think the advantages are greater than just wearing a pair of sneakers. Hey, that’s just me.

    Motorcycle boots are made to protect from both abrasion and impact. Nobody can say that every ride will be safe and free of injuries. You can get minor injuries from debris hitting you. Then, there is the possibility of a more dangerous impact. With properly padded boots, you can protect your leg, feet and ankles.


    Over the years, I have been involved in a few incidents where I thanked my lucky stars I had a good pair of boots on. I think your number one thing here should always be safety. Mention this to the people in the store.


    Just like a few other people here, I have been involved in incidents where if it wasn’t for my boots, I would have had major abrasions! Luckily for me, I also wore protective clothing, including gloves or I would have had some really nasty, painful injuries. Safety is the most important consideration.


    It depends how you ride, honestly. There are boots for winter and those for summer. You may need to get one or both.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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