Which is healthier? Red or white wine?

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    I’ve heard that both red and white wine are healthy for you if drunk in moderation, but which is healthier? red or white wine?

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    No matter what you prefer, both kinds seem to show favourable results in reducing heart attacks. It also has the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease. Wine in moderation can also reduce the risk of strokes. It can also lower the risk of colon cancer and slows down brain decline.

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    Boy, I’ve heard this about this too. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who knows, right? I think nobody really knows for sure. However, I think there is some evidence to suggest that red wine may be slightly better for the health. This is not fact. Studies seem to suggest this, though it isn’t conclusive.


    I think no matter which one you have, you will get some health benefits as long as you drink it responsibly. I recall reading about how age and gender play a part. The best thing is to have a glass of wine on a daily basis. This much I know. Don’t go above this. I think that is good enough.


    Red wine is red because the red skin is left on during fermentation. This gives red wine some beneficial plant compounds. In white wine, the skin is removed.

    In general, when you compare red and white wine, it appears that red wine has a slightly higher amount of minerals and vitamins. This is perhaps why it is considered better.


    The difference is not that significant So, if you can’t handle red wine (many people get headaches), don’t feel too bad, because white is just as good for your health. I believe white wine may also contain fewer calories, so that gives it at least one advantage over red.


    I can’t handle red wine for some reason. It seems to have twice the effect on me. I feel so tired and drained and my head feels weird. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it. If I can, I try to avoid it though.

    A few years ago, I had a heart attack. While in hospital, I was asking the doctor if drinking wine would be a problem when I got back home. She said it was OK, but as long as I drank slowly and did not go overboard. She said it can benefit me.


    Why not ask your doctor? Doctors have been known to suggest wine even to heart patients. I’m sure you could also contact a nutritionist or dietitian in a hospital and ask them.


    I’ve heard that red is better, but to be honest, even if it is, I think the difference is minimal. I think wine itself is good for you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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