Why do nurses and doctors wear medical scrubs?

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    Why do nurses and doctors wear medical scrubs? This is something I’ve been wondering for some time… At first I thought it was to make them look professional when they’re at work, but then I noticed that some scrubs have colours and sometimes patterns, they look very pretty, but not always very professional in my opinion. So why do they wear them? Does anyone know?

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    In hospitals, scrubs are like uniforms that make it easy to identify who’s in charge, and who you need to talk to if there’s an emergency. I think most of the time there’s a dress code, for example all nurses will wear blue medical scrubs, and all doctors will wear white ones. This way it’s easy to tell who is who.


    I’d say that medical scrubs are convenient to wear for healthcare professionals, because many models have a lot of pockets, and they’re all made from durable fabrics. Healthcare facilities need to really make sure the uniforms are clean and free of contaminants, so they probably clean them with very harsh products that could damage normal clothes. Scrubs need to be tough!


    Look at Daily Scrubs’ website, they have many styles of scrubs… I think they look great! I guess the people who wear scrubs like these want to look nice, and perhaps make their patients happy with bright colours and beautiful patterns.


    Scrubs also help protect our personal clothing. I’m a massage therapist and I wear scrubs when I work (fun and colourful ones, yes!) because I don’t want my clothes to get covered in massage oil stains. Scrubs are easier to clean than regular clothes, and when they get too dirty or damaged, you just throw them away and you buy new ones, they’re usually very affordable.

    So I guess it’s the same for nurses and doctors, and other healthcare pros: their scrubs must protect their clothing from whatever fluids they might come in contact with while they work.


    I know that medical scrubs need to be cleaned at high temperatures and with harsh chemical products to get rid of bacteria and anything nasty that might touch them. So they are made from very durable materials that can withstand harsh cleanings.

    And think about it, it makes more sense for healthcare professionals to leave their scrubs at work, and to change into their normal clothes to get back home, than to get back home wearing their dirty scrubs! So they let them there, to be cleaned professionally, and they don’t have to worry about a thing.


    If I worked as a nurse and got something like vomit on my work clothes, I sure would like to change asap! And I wouldn’t want to put those vomit stained clothes in my own washing machine, I sure would want someone else to deal with cleaning them.

    Especially after a long day at work, you don’t want to have to deal with cleaning your dirty work uniform… Scrubs are more convenient than wearing your own clothes at work.

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