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Reasons Why You Should Visit India Once In Your Lifetime

Reasons Why You Should Visit India Once In Your Lifetime

Have you ever been to India? It’s magical! The breathtaking beauty and the incomparable ambience keeps you mesmerized as long as you stay on the Indian soil. Although some people would’ve definitely warned you regarding the chaos-filled streets, India is no doubt a land of beauty where you can discover your own true self. Here are 9 reasons why you just can’t miss on a magical trip to incredible India:

1. The people And Their Hospitality:

The first thing you will notice after landing on the Indian soil is the people and their behavior towards you. While you will be expecting endless creepy staring sessions, you will be rewarded with a ‘Namaste’ followed by a soothing smile which will make your travel fatigue completely go away. The enthusiastic people on the streets will give you a boost of energy once you discover their dedication towards whatever work they do.

2. The Food:

Indian food is popular overseas. The spices and the efforts Indians put into preparing their food is appreciated all over the world. I bet you must have heard of the ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ at your place at least once by now. The streets are filled with eateries which will give you the most flavorful food you have ever had in your life. The burst of flavors with countless varieties of food is indeed the paradise for food lovers.

3. The Culture:

The cultural diversity of India is spectacular. People belonging to different religions live in complete harmony with each other. People belonging to different religions have made the culture very diverse and the ambience very soothing.

4. Shopper’s Paradise:

India is full of places which sell handmade items. The delicate work and the artistic touch give the items their uniqueness. You can sure take a lot of souvenirs from the countless shops which are around every corner of India.

5. The Taj Mahal:

The Taj Mahal barely needs any introduction. This monument is the main tourist attraction in India and is one of the architectural wonders of the world. Built in 1643, the monument is completely made of marble with beautiful engravings on it. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of eternal love which makes its beauty even more mesmerizing.

6. The Festivals:

India is not just about the cultural diversities. The people belonging to different religions rejoice and celebrate the festivals of other religions with same vigor and enthusiasm. If you have dreamt of living in the clouds and drifting near the rainbows, pay a visit to India during Holi –The festival of colors.

7. History And Architectural Sites:

India has a rich history and countless historical sites which will make you dive deep in the past. The numerous architectural sites and their history will definitely leave you dumbstruck. The remains of different civilizations and the Museums still hold the essence of Indian history. Indeed a lot to see for the art lovers.

8. Adventure:

Travelling across India is nothing less than an adventure. The calm valleys and the chaotic streets give the perfect dose of adventure to its travelers. The natural flora and fauna give way too many unforgettable memories to the people who love exploring.

9. Lots Of Sightseeing:

By sightseeing I’m not talking about the marked tourist places. You will encounter countless beautiful places while travelling across India. While the tourist places are indeed a blessing, these are a treat for your eyes as well.

Travelling to India is a unique experience which can’t be compared with anywhere else. Many people come to India to discover their true self amidst the chaotic streets and the calm spiritual places. India is indeed a paradise for food lovers and the people who love to explore. What are you waiting for? Go to Tour East Holiday, select the most convenient package or request for a custom one, pack your bags and set out for one of the greatest trips you won’t forget the rest of your life.

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