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The 6 Key Steps to Software Development

The 6 Key Steps to Software Development


The development of software is a process that requires extensive planning, Even at the point a piece of software is fully designed and put into effect there are unpredictable complications that can still arise. It’s for this very reason that there are steps to help reduce the chances for mistake and create a piece of software that has a very firm foundation.


The steps to of software development are often as followed:

Analyzing People Involved

At this stage the development is centered on two key factors: the customer base and the stakeholder base.

  • Stakeholder base– From this point of view the goal is to take an idea and consider what is really there to work with. Upon taking the time to analyze and consider what has value and what is irrelevant decisions are made.
  • Customer base– From this angle the goal is to assess what it is a customer

This stage helps identify the core idea for a piece of software.

Analyzing System

The system analysis phase its when a plan is actually laid out and usually divided in a way that tasks can be delegated to place the proper people to test a variety of different things. These same people are often on board through the entire development of the software and incorporate further developments/adjustments as needed.

Analyzing System Design

This is the phase where the designers of the actual system along with the analysts work together to put together an actual foundation to build off of. This is where all the roots are essentially planted by exchanging ideas and recognizing what can be used to build the design to it’s full potential.

Coding and Development

Once the design has been laid out the next stage is probably the most important: coding. Coding is the heart of any piece of software. Once the system is properly designed a coding team is then assigned a variety of tasks to implement into the software via computer code.

Coding is the “meat” of a piece of software. It’s what makes it run properly and grants it the ability to do whatever it is designed to do.

Thorough Testing

With coding holding such vital importance to the way software performs it goes without saying that it has to be thoroughly tested. By sending pieces of code to a department that analyzes the quality of coding proper precautions can be taken.

A quality analyst takes coding and analyzes it under close observation to recognize errors and identify other possible problems.

Putting Plan Into Effect

Once a piece of software passes the testing stage and is cleared properly then it is ready for launch and put on the market for users/buyers. In the event that software is put to a halt at the testing phase then it’s likely entire sections of code may need to be rewritten or redesigned all together.

Software development is a very delicate process, which is exactly why these steps are put in place to insure that everything is designed properly. Take the proper time to complete each step and it will keep potential errors to a minimum. Visit QA Consultants to learn more information.

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