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Tips to Look Great in Nurse Scrubs

Tips to Look Great in Nurse Scrubs

Many professions have the complimentary requirement of a dress code and while this may not be something that bothers all of us, it’s definitely something that some people don’t like. We all like to dress in a way that makes us feel good and some places make this “feeling” something hard to accomplish due to what they expect you to dress like for the needs of a job.


This is especially true in the nursing field, whether you are male or female.


Well, good news, nurse scrubs may not be the ideal choice of clothing for a day, but they can easily be made into a pitch of style and an inflation of confidence. Take the following into account to make wearing scrubs a little more reassuring and make the day that much better:

Consider Your Body Type

Whether you are a larger or smaller person there are options available to make your scrubs more comfortable. Consider the various styles that can address areas that you may not be so confident about.


If you have wider hips then consider wearing a longer shirt that will cover them in a fashionable way and give your appearance the look you want it to have. If you are top heavy and have thin hips consider a V-neck style to accomplish the same kind of image adjustment.


For additional style points you can always layer up with the scrubs using jackets and other items to compliment your image.

Go for the Fitted Look

When choosing the size of your scrub make sure you don’t go a size too big. It will end up looking baggy and simply unprofessional.


Choose a size that will hug your body in a comfortable manner.

Colors and Matching

These two factors go together so it’s best to discuss them at the same time. When choosing the color of a scrub you are going to be wearing try to insure that it compliments your personal skin tone. We’ve all seen the situation where someone is wearing a color that simply doesn’t look “right” on them. It can be best summed up as a clothing malfunction, in other words, try to avoid committing this fashion crime yourself.


In addition, try to coordinate a clothing scheme where your top and bottom match for the most part. There can be minor differences, sure, but matching simply looks better.


This can be a fun adjustment once you’ve decided on all of the above. Once you are aware of all the specifics above then consider making your own little adjustments to your clothing choice. This isn’t to encourage taking your choice and tie-dying it, nothing that extreme, but it is to encourage accessories such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Belts
  • Bracelets
  • Pins

And that is to just name a few. Think of this as an option where you can express yourself through your clothing.


Whatever the style may be in your workplace the very same concepts can be applied to make your wardrobe choices a more fulfilling experience. Take a little time to think it over and grant yourself the opportunity to feel more confident day after day. For those interested in learning more, please visit Daily Scrubs.

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